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Lion without teeth

Below is an excerpt of an article published in The Nation on the book “The Singapore Miracle – Myth and Reality” by Rodney King. You can read the rest of the article here _________________________________ “The Singapore Miracle – Myth and Reality” casts doubt on the city-state’s claims of cutting-edge efficiency, global competitiveness, economic freedom and transparency. Most Singaporeans are not …

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Immigration – still an issue, 12 years on

TOC Note: Singaporeans’ concerns about the PAP’s immigration policy is not new. Indeed, it goes way back to 1998, as in the following Parliamentary speech by Dr Tan Boon Wan which, as it turned out, was quite a prescient one. The concerns he raised are exactly what Singaporeans feel today. The question we should be asking is thus: Is the …

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HDB: Homelessness is not a housing issue

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to National Development Minister, Mah Bow Tan’s letter “Pricing flats according to their value” (Today, Oct 29). On the same day, the New Paper had a 5-page feature containing four articles about the homeless in Singapore. What struck me most, was the insensitivity of the HDB spokesman, who told the New Paper, “Homelessness is …

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Australian media criticise S’pore – and the Lees

From The Age: Singapore doesn’t really do Parliament, either. It has one, where hand-picked loyalists occasionally convene in a brutal modernist edifice to rubber-stamp edicts from above. In the last election in 2006, the People’s Action Party won 82 of 84 seats with a gerrymandered 66 per cent of the trackable votes. Only North Korea, China and (just) Cuba from …

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