Daily Archives: 2010-10-29

Singapore: why innovate in utopia?

From Tech Crunch: It’s hard to find any corner of chaos in Singapore. The system is engineered with one outcome, Chan says: “Making people good economic units for society.” Is there room for a high-beta version of good economic units of society– one that could succeed disproportionately or fail disproportionately in a culture so tied to obediance? The big “what’s-wrong-with-youth-today?” scandal …

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Singapore is 17th most prosperous country: 1st or 3rd world?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “S’pore is 17th most prosperous country” (Today, Oct 28). Since Malaysia is the only other country in Asean that is in the top 50, at 43rd, I think it may be interesting to compare Singapore and Malaysia, from the perspective of what it may all mean to ordinary citizens? The Malaysian …

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Cheaper, better, faster till 70 and beyond?

Andrew Loh – It is little wonder Singaporeans are anxious. Despite the government trumpeting that we have arrived as a “first-world country”, and boasts record GDP growth this year, and how “if Singapore Inc went for IPO, this is a $4 trillion company” (as PM Lee said in  2007), the fruits of economic growth seem to continue to elude them. Indeed, …

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