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Unapologetically Socialist – Goh Meng Seng (Part Two)

In Part Two of an hour-long interview, Goh Meng Seng talks about giving up politics, engaging people online, and his influences. You can read part one here. Assuming you do not win a single seat this coming elections. Are you going to quit politics and join your wife and daughter in Hong Kong? That will depend on what happens after …

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Wee Shu Min, PMETs and cohesiveness in our society

From Diary of a Singapore Mind: I’m overseas and getting access to the Internet is not so easy in some places. A few days ago on the 19 Oct 2010, I wanted to post something on the 4th anniversary of the Wee Shu Min incident [Link] but couldn’t get access to the Internet. For many Singaporeans, that incident was a …

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