Daily Archives: 2010-10-21

Smog hits “unhealthy range”, NEA website down

It’s been a hazy week so far and I am not just referring to the smog which has engulfed Singapore. The website of the government agency which is responsible for dealing with the haze, the National Environment Agency, has been inaccessible since Thursday afternoon. The Online Citizen (TOC) has been trying to access the site for updates and the Pollutant …

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VegVibe – a platform for green advocates

– By Stephanie Chok – The time is ripe for VegVibe, a bi-monthly magazine covering “anything and everything that is vegetarian and vegan”. Launched as an online magazine in August 2009, the magazine ran as a monthly publication till its first print issue was launched a year later, in August 2010. Helmed by husband and wife team, Gangasudhan, 34 (Managing …

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PUB to prove MM Lee wrong

Andrew Loh “Some things are beyond (being perfect); it’s an act of God unless you want to lose half the roads and have canals.” This was what Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was reported to have said on 21 July this year, when giving his views on the number of floodings which had occurred in Singapore. “Whatever we do when we …

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HDB should focus on building basic, functional flats

Minister for National Development, Mah Bow Tan, in a letter published in the Today newspaper on 15 October, touched on several points about public housing. One of these was that “some may overstretch their budgets to buy these flats.” Gerald Giam, a member of the Workers’ Party’s Central Executive Committee but writing in his personal capacity, responded to Mr Mah’s …

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Temasek, in review

Howard Lee This has the makings of a David vs Goliath saga. The nimble and fiery Temasek Review (TR), championing the rights of the people at all cost, rose in defiance against the behemoth Temasek Holdings (TH), which through its lumbering public relations efforts, endeared itself as public enemy number one. The cause of it all? The sacred name of …

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