Alan Shadrake Trial – “Live”: Day 1

(Photo credit: Reuters)

The Online Citizen team attempts to bring you live updates straight from the supreme court. Please refresh your browser to get real-time updates on the trial of Alan Shadrake.

9:46am: Shadrake arrives in court wearing blue shirt and black jacket.

10:20am: Prosecution begins.

10:29am: DPP claims book title implies Singapore judges guilty of misconduct.

10:45am: DPP claims Shadrake “misrepresents court’s decisions” in drug sentencing.

10:55am: DPP claims 14 statements in question “strike at the foundation of role of law in Singapore”.

11:10am: Judge asks if ” legal system” refers to judiciary alone.

11:12am: DPP – “Common understanding of “legal system” does not exclude “court” from the legal society.

11:23am: DPP – “Not an iota of truth in any of the statements or allegations in the respondent’s book.”

12:17pm: Defense – “Carrying out of a microscopic analysis is not scandalising the judiciary but a public duty to civil society.”

12:26pm: Defense – “If you have an extreme system then it calls for extraordinary criticism.”

12:29pm: Trial to resume at 2:15pm