Daily Archives: 2010-10-06

UPR Consultation

Dear Friends, Singapore is due for its first review on human rights at the Human Rights Council in Geneva next year. Civil Society is encouraged to participate in this process by submitting Shadow reports on how they perceive the State has met its obligations with regards to maintaining human rights. MARUAH enabled a training workshop for CSOs in April this …

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MM Lee: My heart is heavy with sadness

EULOGY BY MINISTER MENTOR AT THE FUNERAL SERVICE OF MRS LEE KUAN YEW, MANDAI CREMATORIUM, 6 OCTOBER 2010 The last farewell to my wife Ancient peoples developed and ritualised mourning practices to express the shared grief of family and friends, and together show not fear or distaste for death, but respect for the dead one; and to give comfort to …

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Face to face with Seelan Palay (Part One)

The first in a series of intimate interviews with people who have made an impact in Singapore's socio-political scene, The Online Citizen meets up with Seelan Palay to talk about his time in jail, his family and Dr Chee Soon Juan.

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Catherine Lim interview with Social Space Magazine

The following is an excerpt of an interview with Catherine Lim that was published in the 2010 issue of Social Space Magazine. You can read the rest of it here. ————————————————– Singapore is a society undergoing transitions. With a burgeoning migrant community, the advent of integrated resorts with casinos and an arguably increasingly effervescent non-profit, civil society sector, Singapore looks …

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