Daily Archives: 2010-10-01

ST Forum Letter – A Case of Too Much Editing?

A few days ago, TOC received an email from a member of public who was upset that her letter published in the Straits Times forum page was so heavily edited that it bore little resemblance to her original intent. We publish both the original letter, and the published version below. According to the letter writer,  “People write into ST forum …

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Open Letter on MM’s health

The following is a letter written by a member of the public to the Prime Minister and Minister Mentor, forwarded to TOC and other news outlets. MM Lee was hospitalized two days ago at Singapore General Hospital with a chest infection. There has not been an update so far on his condition. To: PM Lee/MM Lee I am writing to …

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Competition of ideas is needed for a workable democracy

The following article was first published by Ravi Philemon on his blog. http://www.raviphilemon.net/ Ravi has given us permission to publish the article in full. I sent this letter to The Straits Times forum, rebutting Mr Theodore Yeo’s letter titled, ‘What matters is a democracy that works‘, but it was not published.  The Straits Times seems so blatantly biased when it chose …

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