Daily Archives: 2010-09-15

Mandatory living wage – no more cheap excuses, please

Stephanie Chok – As Senior Diplomat Tommy Koh pointed out in today’s Straits Times (‘Basic pay: Tommy Koh weighs in‘), all advanced economies, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and nowHong Kong have a minimum wage. Malaysia is now considering it. It is therefore frustrating to hear the same tired excuses from our current government against implementing a mandatory minimum wage. Their key arguments …

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Minimum wage – the debate begins

The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was among the first to call for a minimum wage for Singaporean workers. It was part of its election manifesto in 2006. (See here.) “Ensuring a minimum wage for the lowest of the low-skilled employee guarantees that prosperity is shared by all,” the SDP said. “Legislation is needed to prevent Singaporean workers from being exploited …

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