Daily Archives: 2010-09-05

Stop using the poor for your political agenda

Andrew Loh – It is upsetting to see when politicians hijack the plight of the poor for their own selfish political agenda. On 4 September, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong was quoted by Channelnewsasia, in a report titled “SM Goh asks Singaporeans to view problems in perspective”, as having said the following: “It’s important for those who are facing problems …

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Look who’s bashing Singaporeans

We have noticed that of late, government ministers & officials, and People’s Action Party members have been criticizing Singaporeans and their attitudes towards a myriad of issues – from employment to public housing. We thus would like to collate all of these into a single thread here. Our hope is that the government will see for itself the callous, unfair …

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