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Is he addressing the issue – 12 years on?

In his National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong attempted to address Singaporeans’ concerns over the large influx of foreigners, both as workers and as new citizens and permanent residents (PRs). The Prime Minister said he understood these sentiments which are, he said “legitimate concerns”. He said the government took these concerns “seriously”. Nonetheless, he admitted that the …

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PAP dan Melayu Singapura: Antara Retorik, Kenyataan dan Meritokrasi

The following is the Malay version of the article “The PAP and the Malay Singaporean: Between rhetoric, reality and meritocracy” by Pritam Singh. PAP dan Melayu Singapura: Antara Retorik, Kenyataan dan Meritokrasi Pritam Singh Boleh didapati sedikit peralihan dalam cara Parti Tindakan Rakyat (PAP) mengendalikan komunikasi awam yang melibatkan kemasukan warga asing ke Singapura. Dalam amanat Hari Kebangsaan 2010 beliau …

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Politics and ethnicity: framing racial discrimination in Singapore

James Gomez Racial discrimination is a global phenomenon that the United Nations seeks to eradicate. In contemporary Singapore, research shows that the basis for racism is anchored in the role of ethnic identity and how it frames the formulation of policies related to education, employment, housing, immigration and politics. These policies have been formulated and implemented by the People’s Action …

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