Daily Archives: 2010-08-30

The PAP and the Malay Singaporean: Between rhetoric, reality and meritocracy

Pritam Singh – There appears to be a shift in how the People’s Action Party (PAP) is handling public communication involving the influx of foreigners into Singapore. In his National Day 2010 speech released to the mainstream media on 8 Aug 2010, PM Lee Hsien Loong acknowledged “Singaporeans’ concern” about the government’s hitherto open-door policy towards foreigners. He went on …

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A public relations exercise, RP says of PM’s rally speech

PRESS RELEASE 30/08/2010 The Reform Party www.thereformparty.net The Reform Party’s Response to the PM’s National Day Rally Speech The Reform Party was disappointed with the PM’s speech. This was an opportunity for the PM to address some of the pressing issues facing this country and his failure to do so has demonstrated once again that our government is out of touch with …

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