They represent us but they know nothing about us

The following is a letter from a lady in her early twenties.


I was reading about the YOG. I’m not a well-read person of the newspapers. And I knew that YOG has exceeded their budget but didn’t know that it was a staggering $387 million.

Is it possible to ask the government if they have plans to lower education fees for locals if they could easily host such an international event generously but yet to provide our own people with cheaper education?

Lets say another way than just taking up bank loans and scholarships. Shouldn’t they solve issues within the country first than jumping at other opportunities that don’t really benefit the majority of the nation?

I know this might not be an issue of the government but I’m sure it is an issue to Singaporeans who are not very well-to-do.

The government might have overlooked that there are still many who are trying hard to survive in this country although being born and bred here.

They represent us but they know nothing about us. It’s such a pity.

I was just wondering if they actually cared.

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