Gulfstream jet for YOG flame – at what price?

From Singapore Lighthouse blog:

The original price tag of the Youth Olympic was S$122m and the new price tag is now S$387m. According to news report, the journey of the Flame alone will cost S$7m.

The Chinese news portal Xinhua.net (good to have a strong ally with you after taking their excess citizens who will then remit their S$ back to China) had a photo of our chartered Youth Olympic Game Gulfstream G550 Business Jet in the Youth Olympic Game Color.

Chartering a private jet is not simply buying a ticket in a First Class seat. You pay for the Aircraft Hours, the pilots hours, the grounding handling fees etc. All thousands of dollars per hour, at least…. (not to mention the cost of painting the YOG livery on the G550)

I was wondering how much of the S$7m was spend on chartering of the business jet? (G550 Tail number HB-JEV was chartered from Swiss aircraft chartering company G5 Executive)

Read the full article and see the pictures here.


From Yawning Bread:

As the opening ceremony was in progress on the north bank of Marina Bay, some kind of Youth Olympics carnival was going on on the south bank, just in front of The Sail building. Its centrepiece was a huge concert arena with perhaps 1,500 seats laid out, and in which a band was playing. I took this picture: