Daily Archives: 2010-08-13

Straits Times, you don’t have to try so hard lar

Kindergarten-standard reporting by the Straits Times’ ROYSTON SIM: Front Page Headline: “YOG football competition kicks off to a rousing start’ Inside Page Headline: “Fans lap up girls’ football” Sub-headline: “About 3,000 of them are treated to exciting action on opening day” Ok. “Rousing start”. “Lap up ..”. “Exciting action.” Got it. The report begins: “It did not matter that the …

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Seelan Palay goes to jail

From the Singapore Democratic Party’s website: Human rights activist Mr Seelan Palay is serving a 12-day prison term for taking part in the Tak Boleh Tahan (Malay for “cannot take it”) protest on 15 Mar 08 outside Parliament House. Mr Seelan was convicted together with 8 other activists by District Judge Chia Wee Kiat in Mar 2010. All of them have …

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President has no discretion in clemency appeal (Full report)

“I therefore hold that the President has no discretion under the Constitution, and specifically under Article 22P, to grant pardons,” High Court Judge Steven Chong said. “The power to do so rests solely with the Cabinet.” Justice Chong handed down the ruling on lawyer M Ravi’s application for a judicial review of the President’s powers in granting clemency on Friday. …

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