Daily Archives: 2010-08-06

How to spend your final $30,500

Richard Seah – If you are seriously ill and have a limited time to live, and you have $30,500 worth of savings, how would you like best to spend that money? Hands up those who would spend it in a hospital. Anybody? In the debate about Medisave, some people on this forum have called it a scam. But many people …

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Singapore mentors Burma in sham elections

Seelan Palay – As preparations for the sham elections in Burma get into full swing, it is not difficult to notice similarities in electoral practices between the Burmese generals in uniform and Singapore’s leaders in civilian clothes. [Picture left: Burma Prime Minister Thein Sein claps as Singapore names an orchid after him at the Botanic Gardens.] The Burmese regime is …

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