Daily Archives: 2010-08-05

REACH’s new (media) panel – will it work?

Howard Lee – REACH (Reaching Everyone for Active [email protected] Home) announced on 2 August revisions to its supervisory panel, constituting Parliament representatives, Citizens’ Consultative Committee chairs and industry players. For those unfamiliar with the Singapore government’s official citizen consultation outfit formerly known as the Feedback Unit, REACH fields issues across agencies to seek the views of citizens on public policies. It started …

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MOM policy change creating problems for employers

Andrew Loh – When the Prime Minister announced on 14 July that Singapore will see a further 100,000 foreign workers in the coming year, it was perhaps thought that this will be a boon to employers. However, it seems that while Singapore will see more of such workers, existing foreign workers’ permits are not allowed to be renewed. This is a …

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Jurong East station – an absurd situation

Andrew Loh – On 6 July, I wrote about why Ms Saw Phaik Hwa, SMRT’s CEO, had missed the point about our trains and train stations being overcrowded. (See here) While she may have said that “people can board the trains, it is whether they choose to”, I felt that she seemed not to be aware of the safety aspects …

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