Daily Archives: 2010-08-03

Fisherman’s ordeal

Joshua Chiang – For 15 months, Mozambican Augusto Faustino Jorges endured frequent beatings, long working hours and dangerous conditions on board a Taiwanese fishing vessel. Had it not been for the sudden death of a crew-mate – forcing the vessel to dock in Singapore – and the timely intervention of a local NGO, Jorge’s ordeal might have lasted much longer. …

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What the Maya collapse can tell us about our future

Ajax Copperwater Circa 800 CE. The Mayan city Cancuén lost its king, Kan Maax. He was executed and un-ceremonially buried in a shallow pit. His family of 31 men, women and children, were brutally murdered and thrown in a pool. Cancuén was a major city, the centre of the Mayan world. Thus the city prospered on trade, being strategically and …

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