Singaporeans’ national duty: buy women from abroad

The Sunday Times knows him well. Virtually annually, they run a feature selling to its Singaporean readers the idea of buying foreign brides. They ran one again last Sunday, 25 July 2010, mentioning once again like in years past Mark Lin and his business, Vietnam Brides International Matchmaker.

As you can see, almost a full page was devoted to this campaign, and a nation-building campaign it must be for the newspaper to violate human rights and the laws of Vietnam so blatantly.

Barely six months ago, I noted that Vietnam — rightly — treats this kind of quickie “matchmaking” as human trafficking. As you can see from Should Singapore’s Home Minister be thrown into a Vietnamese jail? , four men were sentenced to a total of 25 years in jail. I also opined that the Sunday Times and the Singapore government abet this crime through their editorial and government policies.

Read Yawning Bread for the full article.

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