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Join SADPC & TOC at Speakers’ Corner this Sunday

It’s been three years since then-19-year old Vui Kong was sentenced to death in Singapore. He’s been sitting on death row since 2007 at Changi Prison awaiting the day he would be hanged. For someone so young, that in itself is torture. His family, particularly his brother Yun Leong and sister Vui Fung [picture right, campaigning in Sabah], has been …

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90 per cent “not interested at all” in YOG

Poll on Channelnewasia’s website – as at 3.45pm on 30 July 2010. Out of 3,912 votes, 3,513 say they are “not interested at all” in catching any of the Games. Only one per cent say they will watch the Games at selected venues. With only days to go before the Games kick off on 14 August, it seems most Singaporeans …

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Self before service

Richard Seah For want of 10 cents, I once nearly made a mess of myself. It could have been worse. I could have made a mess of the place I was at – the Maxwell Road Food Centre. I am talking about those public toilets operated by turnstiles. You deposit a coin and the turnstile lets you in. From the …

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Singaporeans’ national duty: buy women from abroad

The Sunday Times knows him well. Virtually annually, they run a feature selling to its Singaporean readers the idea of buying foreign brides. They ran one again last Sunday, 25 July 2010, mentioning once again like in years past Mark Lin and his business, Vietnam Brides International Matchmaker. As you can see, almost a full page was devoted to this …

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Lee Kuan Yew – a sad sight indeed

Andrew Loh – I remember in the ’80s when I would look forward to each National Day Rally on television. Lee Kuan Yew was gonna speak and I’d always found him to be a great orator, someone who enthralls me each time. I would be glued to the screen listening to every one of his words, even to the point …

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