Daily Archives: 2010-07-26

High COV? Fight it out, says Mah

“It’s in the interest of buyers to have low COVs, but it’s in the interest of sellers who own the flats to have high COVs… So, between these two groups, we must let them fight it out… The Government prefers not to interfere.” Mah Bow Tan, Today, 26 July 2010 ——– Read also: Siew Kum Hong: The “market” as deus …

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The good fight

My heart leapt when I saw this status update on Vui Fung’s Facebook page a couple of weeks ago: “I try my best to face all of this… I never wanna try to hide it again…” It was a huge step for her – this shy, awkward girl who hates being in the limelight, hates talking to strangers, hates making a fuss …

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Employers bear brunt of unnecessary foreign worker levy hike

Pritam Singh The points raised with regard to the foreign worker levy hike in the Economic Strategies Committee (ESC) Report released in February 2010, and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement of the arrival of 100,000 more foreigners into Singapore’s workforce this year make for a curious contrast. In view of the PM’s announcement, a thoughtful employer ought to ask, …

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Arts Engage – taking aim at censorship

The arts community has recently launched a campaign to make censorship history and to call for a system which regulates content in its place. Driving the petition is Arts Engage, a network of 180 arts practioners from various disciplines. A position paper on Censorship and Regulation has been released on the campaign website. It defines regulation as “an independent, unexceptional …

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