Daily Archives: 2010-07-15

Malaysian lawyer denied access to Yong

The Singapore Prison Service has denied access to Ms Ngeow Chow Ying, a Malaysian lawyer representing death row inmate, Yong Vui Kong. Ms Ngeow had requested access to her client in order to advise him on his constitutional rights as a Malaysian, now that Yong’s case is a matter which has come under consideration by the Malaysian government. Ms Ngeow’s …

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Was LKY parroting someone else – and getting it wrong?

Was Lee Kuan Yew parroting someone else’s remarks – and getting it wrong? “Taiwanese are shameless, Hong Kongers are heartless, Singaporeans are ignorant.” Singaporean columnist Wong Lung Hsiang, April 2006 “The Taiwanese are ruthless, Hong Kongers are shameless and Singaporeans are ignorant.” Lee Kuan Yew, July 2010

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