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Singapore = Global Torture Hub

Oliver Fricker has been sentenced to 5 months in jail and 3 strokes of the cane In that light, I would now like everyone to watch this video: HERE. Now tell me if you think such treatment does not disregard human rights standards. Tell me if you don’t think this is torture, or cruel and inhumane punishment. Tell me if you …

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Ban transport of workers on backs of vehicles – TWC2

TWC2, an NGO which is involved in the welfare of migrant workers, shares its views on the recent traffic accidents involving workers who were ferried on the backs of vehicles. Three Chinese workers died when a lorry in which they were being carried skidded and crashed onto its side on the morning of June 22nd. Some among the 14 survivors …

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Heavy downpour, several areas flooded (Updated with videos)

LATEST – PUB Explains: “The PUB said 100 mm of rain fell within an hour, between 8 and 9.30am.  That’s the same amount of rainfall on June 16 which led to massive floods in Orchard Road. That amount is more than 60 per cent of the average rainfall for the entire month of June. PUB says the heavy rain caused …

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Filial piety ad – what was not shown

By Joshua Chiang ________________________ “If you were a poor person, anywhere on this planet, Singapore is the one place where you will have a roof over your head, where you will have food on the table. Even if you can’t afford it, we will have meals delivered to you…” MCYS Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan (27 March 2010) ________________________

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