Mr Ng Teck Siong, former chairman of the Reform Party, has confirmed with The Online Citizen that he is in the midst of setting up a new political party. Mr Ng told TOC that he submitted an application to the Registrar of Society (ROS) ‘almost one month ago” and is awaiting its approval.

Mr Ng says he has the 10 members which are required for registering the party.

Asked if he is planning or hoping for the approval to be given by ROS before the next elections, Mr Ng said he hopes so as he intends to contest the elections. Which constituency is he eyeing? “At the moment I would not like to reveal the constituency,” he says.

Mr Ng left the Reform Party (RP) in April 2009 “in the interest of party renewal and to allow fresh blood to take over the helms of leadership,” he said then. However, it is believed that he left the party because of disagreements with the current secretary-general, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam. Mr Ng had helped set up the RP in 2008 with the late Mr JB Jeyaretnam,

As for Mr Ng’s Socialist Party, Mr Ng says it will hold a press conference once his application has been accepted by the ROS.

This would be the second political party to be registered this year – the first one being the United Singapore Democrats.


TOC’s report on the United Singapore Democrats can be found here


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