Chiam responds to TCMR report

I THANK Mr Tan Kam Weng (‘Things have changed in Potong Pasir – for the worse’, last Wednesday) for his comments and feedback, and Mr Liew Kai Khiun (‘Little evidence of significant decline in Potong Pasir’, last Thursday) for his positive and encouraging comments.

Potong Pasir Town Council has been engaging competent contractors for all estate maintenance work and our team of estate officers is always there to ensure that the work is carried out effectively.

I am not surprised at the rankings in the Town Council Management Report (TCMR), which was published in the media. It is not at all appropriate to compare the performances of the town councils as the profile and age of the properties are totally different. There is also an inequality in the funds granted among the town councils and the improvement works carried out by the Government.

Potong Pasir is a mature estate where the blocks are 25 to 35 years old. Constant efforts are being made using our available resources to maintain the estate as best as possible.

Our lift maintenance company was already replacing some of the automatic rescue devices during the reporting period of the TCMR. Anyway, there were no issues concerning this matter. I categorically state that all the automatic rescue devices in our estate are working and in serviceable condition. Potong Pasir residents need not worry about it.

With regard to arrears as reported by the TCMR, we do make provisions for doubtful debts due to the unfavourable economic condition in Singapore, by allowing residents to pay by instalments on compassionate grounds.

It is not our policy to write off the debts just for the sake of making our report look good. Our approach of collection is systematic, practical and, when required, we have taken the necessary steps to recover the dues.

I have been managing Potong Pasir Town Council for the last 25 years as diligently as I can and will continue to do my best.

Chiam See Tong
MP for Potong Pasir &
Chairman of Potong Pasir Town Council