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H1N1 pandemic and a WHO conspiracy?

Andrew Loh – In a report published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) handling of the A/H1N1 pandemic has come in for harsh criticism. Under scrutiny is the issue of a conflict of interest between those who advised the WHO on its pandemic planning and their close ties to pharmaceutical companies, which include Roche and …

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Lawyer urges Malaysian government to intervene in death row case

Andrew Loh – The lawyer for Yong Vui Kong, who is on death row in Singapore, has urged the Malaysian government to intervene in the case. “The reason I have come to Malaysia,” said Mr Madasamy Ravi, “is to ask for your help in making clear to the Singapore government that you will not tolerate the execution of a young …

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Singapore faces new Michael Fay moment

From Asian Correspondent Ben Bland Just over 16 years ago, American teenager Michael Fay was caned four times at Queenstown Remand Prison in Singapore after pleading guilty to vandalism. The case thrust the tighly-controlled city-state into the international limelight (see Asiaweek story from 1994) but despite (or because of) pleas for clemency from U.S. President Bill Clinton and many other quarters, the government was unwilling to make any …

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Chiam responds to TCMR report

I THANK Mr Tan Kam Weng (‘Things have changed in Potong Pasir – for the worse’, last Wednesday) for his comments and feedback, and Mr Liew Kai Khiun (‘Little evidence of significant decline in Potong Pasir’, last Thursday) for his positive and encouraging comments. Potong Pasir Town Council has been engaging competent contractors for all estate maintenance work and our …

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Cleaner estates? Consider paying more, says minister

Andrew Loh – The penny has finally dropped. The Senior Minister of State for National Development says if residents wanted “more frequent washings” to keep their estates cleaner, “residents may have to consider the trade-off of paying more in fees.” (Channelnewsasia) Speaking at a community event on Sunday, Ms Grace Fu gave her views about the recent Town Council Management …

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