Did Najib swap KTM land to settle RM$363b debt?

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in a statement urged Najib to explain in detail the terms and conditions of the deal (swap deal between Malaysia and Singapore regarding Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd‘s (KTMB) land in Tanjung Pagar).

“We urge Najib to immediately explain in detail the meaning behind the Points of Agreement (POA) between Singapore and Malaysia.

“We also want to know the new terms and conditions to maximise the land potential in Singapore.

“We also want to know if Najib used the 1990 POA as outlined by (then) finance minister Daim Zainuddin because it did not get Cabinet approval, “ he said.

Describing the settlement as sudden, Anwar said issues involving national sovereignty in a neighbouring country were sensitive and must be handled with care.

He said Najib’s statement on Monday appeared to have shelved several key issues, such as the status of the Tanjung Pagar station, land parcels in Kranji Woodland, Tanjung Pagar and Lots 76-2 Mk16, Lot 249 Mk 4 and Lot 32-10 MK 16.

Anwar added that the government should also explain the actual status of the ongoing water issue with Singapore.


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