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Blast from the past: reinventing the heir

Seven years later, is he (Lee, known popularly as “BG Lee”) kinder and gentler? Perhaps. He says the government can’t legislate away social change: Young people are more Westernized, have greater access to information, and won’t accept the social restrictions they once did. “We are not a museum,” Lee says. “We are plugged in and switched on. So as the …

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Did Najib swap KTM land to settle RM$363b debt?

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in a statement urged Najib to explain in detail the terms and conditions of the deal (swap deal between Malaysia and Singapore regarding Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd‘s (KTMB) land in Tanjung Pagar). “We urge Najib to immediately explain in detail the meaning behind the Points of Agreement (POA) between Singapore and Malaysia. “We also want …

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Why is transparency of statistics so important?

There are quite a number of statistics which are either not available, or are not broken down to give more transparency to issues like the electricity tariff, unemployment, healthcare and CPF. Electricity Tariff The contracts between the suppliers of natural gas and power generation companies are confidential. Thus, it is almost impossible to do any independent analysis as to whether …

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“Marxist conspirator” Vincent Cheng to speak

UPDATE (27 May 2010 @4.35pm): “We have been told by the National Library Board that the event has now been put on hold. All registered participants will receive an email by tonight.” – Bernard Chen, President, NUS History Society _________________________________________________________ Vincent Cheng, a former political detainee and alleged leader of a Marxist conspiracy against the Singapore government, will speak in public …

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Confessions regarding a utopian journey

Claudia Cadelo, a well-known blogger in Cuba, was one of the bloggers invited by the German government to attend a 10-day Bloggers Tour in Berlin in May. Her application to travel to Berlin was denied. Here is her account of what took place when she made her application to travel out of her country for the tour. Wednesday May 5 …

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Costa Rica – a nation without an army

Ask any Singaporean if they thought that every country on Earth has a military force, and the overwhelming answer would be yes. Everyone has been taught in school that a military is essential in the protection of its borders, its citizens and the exertion of its sovereignty since the dawn of time. The surprising answer for the above-mentioned question though …

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