Did Britain really need to give millions to the wealthy state of Singapore?

From The Telegraph

I do not believe that charity should begin at home. I believe that the plight of sub-Saharan Africa is an affront. What I say is that the kind of charity doled out by the overseas aid budget is often fundamentally ill-directed, or worse.

Looking at the figures I discover that, over the last five years for which data are available, Britain has given £8.7 million in development aid to Singapore, whose gross domestic product per capita is the fourth highest in the world, and 46 per cent higher than our own.

Over the same period, other recipients of British development aid have included Slovenia, Malta, the Czech Republic and Hungary, all highly developed First World countries, fellow members of the EU, and two of whom are even in the euro. In the last year for which figures are available, Britain also gave £380,000 in aid to the enormously wealthy oil sheikhdom of Saudi Arabia.


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