Daily Archives: 2010-05-19

Singapore Can Speak

“To make youths of today aware of the social issues affecting the nation.” This was the noble vision with which Singapore Can Speak (SCS) was started.  SCS hopes to enable youths that are afraid to speak up and voice their views, by letting them face their fear through public speaking. Embarking on a nationwide campaign with a theme of “Making …

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Bloggers – enemies of the State? (Part One)

TOC’s Chief Editor, Andrew Loh, is currently in Berlin, Germany, for the International Bloggers’ Tour. 15 political bloggers were invited by the German government to attend the tour, which includes meeting with various German blogging practitioners, lawyers and experts in various fields. The 15 socio-political bloggers are an eclectic mix – from countries such as Ghana, China, Bahrain, Nigeria, Switzerland, …

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Did Kong Hee plagiarise?

University students know the seriousness of it. So do journalists, whose reputation stand on their ability to tell the truth. Even literary writers, whose job is to craft fiction, understand the need to be original. So I was surprised to learn that large swaths of Kong Hee’s daily devotionals are lifted from other sources — without attribution. This unexpected revelation …

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Impossible to determine if fewer foreigners were accepted

Fewer Permanent Resident and Citizenship applications went through in the past year due to more stringent requirements. Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and Law, Ho Peng Kee, said eligibility rules were tightened in the last quarter of 2009 to manage overall numbers. Some 46,300 Permanent Residents were approved between April last year to March this year, out of …

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