Daily Archives: 2010-05-17

The conservative renaissance – part 2

Ambiguous clauses and the problem of interpretation Far from providing clarity, the latest statement issued by the National Arts Council (NAC) has farther mystified the supposed guidelines that are adhered to in awarding grants, by throwing out a set of ambiguous clauses that masquerade as objective markers. What on earth are “alternative lifestyles”, this perpetual staple of conservative discourse? What …

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Death Penalty for drug offences decline but hundreds still executed

A comprehensive study released today by the International Harm Reduction Association finds that hundreds of people are executed for drug offences each year around the world, a figure that very likely exceeds one thousand when taking into account those countries that keep their death penalty statistics secret. In many instances, foreign nationals make up the majority of those executed or …

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A world cup for the red-green giants (only)

Even before soccer’s biggest show – the FIFA World Cup – has even started, the public is already divided. The facebook group lobbying for the boycott of Singtel-Starhub world cup packages has gathered storm over the past week and, surely, this is no mere rhetoric because succumbing to the high prices will only prove that Edward Ying is right. He …

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Why should death sentences be mandatory?

While the death penalty and other tough measures like caning may seem barbarous to many, I feel as deterrents to serious crimes they have few equals. But why should such sentences be mandatory? It is as if the circumstances leading to every crime are the same. Too many offences here carry a mandatory sentence. Yes, tough measures are needed to …

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The conservative renaissance – part 1

“And I think censorship takes many, many forms. It may not be as blatant as cutting your words but they certainly give you a rating, which severely limits your audience. And ratings prevent you from reaching out to a younger audience who may also need to hear these things. But this is the whole idea of nanny-ing, isn’t it? You …

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