Daily Archives: 2010-05-15

State funeral for truly exceptional contributors

I refer to the report “State funeral for former DPM Goh Keng Swee” (Channel News Asia, May 14). When former President Wee Kim Wee passed away in May 2005, I penned a letter (published in the Today newspaper on 10th May 2005), to ask why former President Ong Teng Cheong was not given a state funeral – a honour accorded …

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Prejudicing a fair trial? The Yong Vui Kong case

“Yong Vui Kong is young. But if we say ‘We let you go’, what is the signal we are sending?” With these words on 9 May 2010, Law Minister Mr K. Shanmugam tread where no right-minded Singapore politician ought to have gone – commenting and therefore potentially prejudicing an appeal before it had been decided in court. The effect of …

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Death penalty serves no demonstrable criminal justice purpose

The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) has expressed its deep regret at the decision of the Singapore Court of Appeals to retain the mandatory death penalty for drug offences, a judgment that forecasts the execution of Yong Vui Kong for an offence committed while he was only a teenager. Yong Vui Kong today lost his appeal against his conviction in …

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