Letter from reader: Fortunately, we have TOC!

A reader sent this email to Today and copied us in the same email.  His email was in response to Today’s article, “More requests to help homeless families: MCYS“.

We reproduce his email in full here.

Thank you very much Mr Sng.  It is encouragement like yours, which keeps us going!

—–The email—–

Dear Wee Keat, Voices,

Reference Today article, 13 May, “More requests to help homeless families: MCYS“, I quote “Media publicity has created greater community awareness of this issue, resulting in more calls to the ComCare Call hotline to assist such families” – MCYS spokeperson.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the said “media” for generating such interests and awareness among Singaporeans, and as a result of that Singaporeans acted and pushed the government to act more responsibly. While it’s not specifically mentioned by the MCYS spokeperson, it is all very clear to us readers that the said “media” refers to non other than The Online Citizen (TOC), and the blogosphere!

The issue of homelessness is one that is frequently denied or under-rated by the Singapore government [see 1]. It’s also an issue that is much avoided by the mainstream media – such related articles are given skin-deep coverage at best. Despite denials and protests from the minister, the ministry, and the authorities, TOC persisted and persevered to extensively covered homelessness issue in Singapore. TOC despite being non-mainstream, non-professional reporters, exhibited and executed greater investigative reporting than can be found in any of our mainstream media news. At times, TOC editors and volunteers even helped the homeless in their private capacity [ see 2].

A search on “homeless” on TOC website is evident to TOC’s extensive, persistent, and early coverage [see 3]. Fortunately, we have TOC! Bravo TOC! Thank you TOC, we look forward to more meaningful and investigative reporting from you!

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T463nFtg3tg [2] https://theonlinecitizen.com/2010/04/the-little-that-we-do/ [3] https://theonlinecitizen.com/?s=homeless

cc Andrew & Ravi of TOC, thank you, and please convey the heartfelt appreciation from Singaporeans to your team (incl volunteers)!


YN Sng