Daily Archives: 2010-05-14

The price to pay for being a global city

Did anything strike you as strange after reading today’s edition of The Sunday Times? I’m not quite sure how to describe the feeling I had — one of sadness, surprise or wonderment. One Page 16 article entitled “Big Spenders from China” talked about the expensive shopping habits of affluent young Chinese tourists from the mainland. Fashion designer Wen Hong Xia, 25, told the newspaper she …

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Letter from reader: Fortunately, we have TOC!

A reader sent this email to Today and copied us in the same email.  His email was in response to Today’s article, “More requests to help homeless families: MCYS“. We reproduce his email in full here. Thank you very much Mr Sng.  It is encouragement like yours, which keeps us going! —–The email—– Dear Wee Keat, Voices, Reference Today article, 13 May, “More …

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The de-humanisation of domestic workers in Singapore

Singapore, as Jolene mentions and writer Catherine Lim has argued, is a fiercely patriarchal society, headed by the patriarch-in-chief Lee Kuan Yew. Jolene continues: I suspect that for many Singaporean women, abusiveness towards FDWs is also connected to fear and anxiety about our own place in society. Patriarchal attitudes simultaneously devaluing and gendering care work and domestic work are well-ensconced in Singapore, …

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