Daily Archives: 2010-05-13

Not a grain of truth in sand export claims, says Cambodian Government

The Royal Embassy of Cambodia (London) sent this response to TOC, with regards to the allegations made by Global Witness: —————————- The Royal Government of Cambodia has reacted angrily to malicious and misleading claims by an international trouble maker that sand-dredging operations in Cambodia are causing widespread environmental damage. A cheap and rubbish report from Global Witness claims that Cambodia …

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Reform Party chief on impasse with SDA

The following is a letter the secretary-general of The Reform Party wrote to The Straits Times Forum on 12 May 2010: ——————— I WISH to correct Monday’s report, ‘SDA-Reform Party alliance: On or off?’. What I said was that our members had given us the go-ahead to enter into an alliance if negotiation reached that stage. That is not the …

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