Daily Archives: 2010-05-10

Judgement on Yong Vui Kong’s appeal this Friday

The Court of Appeal will be delivering its judgement this Friday, 14 May, on Yong Vui Kong’s appeal. The hearing will take place at 11am. It has been two months since Yong made his appeal on 15 March. He is appealing against the death sentence which was imposed on him in 2007 when he was caught with 47g of diamorphine. …

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Mothers’ Day: Becoming a special mother

– On Mothers’ Day (9 May), a mother pays tribute to her autistic child. – I thought I was a seasoned mum – with  two older children  before you. Surely having a third one should not be  a struggle. We have already decided that children matter more to us than material wants. We have prepared ourselves to brave  the challenging …

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TOC Editorial: The holistic approach to eradicating homelessness

The hard edges of Singapore’s rules and attitudes need to be softened in the face of the spectacle of people living along beaches. The root of the problem of homelessness is fundamentally one of mindsets. While our society has placed a premium on self-reliance, we cannot simply say, to use a Cantonese brushoff: “You die your problem”. On the programmatic …

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Public transport – 1 1/2 years later

The Online Citizen took to Speakers’ Corner in September 2008 to speak up on the state of our public transport system. One and a half years later, has anything changed or improved with our transport system? Here is a video of Channel 5’s report on the 2008 event. TOC’s promotional video in August 2008 for the event. TOC videos of …

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Mothers’ Day: Those gnarled hands

The best reminder of my mother’s love for me comes whenever I see her hands. Those rugged and rough hands are a result of years of hard physical work to raise not just her children but her siblings as well. Born into a large poor family that were migrants from Canton, China, she was not accorded any privilege to be …

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Pink Dot 2010 – this Saturday, 15 May

Following its strong showing last year when 2,500 people turned up at Speakers’ Corner at Hong Lim Park, Pink Dot Sg has planned another event this year at the same location on 15th May 2010. Singaporeans are thus invited to come together in a show of unity and solidarity to celebrate the Freedom to Love. Pink Dot 2010 will be …

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