Daily Archives: 2010-05-08

Train squeeze – “cannot be helped”?

“Of course we have to put up with more crowded trains, more crowded buses, (but) it cannot be helped.” – MM Lee Kuan Yew, 18 Feb 2010, Channelnewsasia. 8 May 2010, letter to Straits Times Forum Page: I TRAVEL regularly by MRT between Bukit Batok and Raffles Place during peak hours and often it is difficult to board the trains both …

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“Low cash upfront” – true or false?

This was a Straits Times report on 7 May 2010. Click on it to enlarge and read the report. Among other things, it says: “More than half, or 54 per cent, of home buyers paid less than $25,000 cash upfront for their resale homes. And about 40 per cent of flats sold in the September to March period were transacted …

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