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Cooling-off day open to abuse in ruling party’s favour : Sylvia Lim

Parliament debated the introduction of the “cooling-off” period. Here is Sylvia Lim’s speech on the issue. Here’s the transcript of Ms Lim’s speech: Sir, the Bill carries several amendments. While some of the amendments are useful, the Workers’ Party opposes the Bill because of the changes it makes to entrench the NCMP system and the introduction of the `cooling off’ …

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MCYS minister slams TOC over homeless issue?

The following is a report by Channelnewsasia which reported MCYS minister Dr Vivian Balakrishan’s response to questions in Parliament about the homeless issue. The minister said: “Some irresponsible websites have also caused these falsehoods to circulate widely on the internet. Now that the facts are out, let us see whether those who have been propagating these falsehoods have the courage …

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From son to daughter: A Singaporean family’s transformation

From pinkdotsg blog: “When you walk out on the street you have to face the cold hard facts, the world, and the way people look at you…it’s hard. Home is supposed to be the safe place where you can go to for warmth and love, and at the end of the day it’s good to know that there’s somebody you …

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Overreaction? Or under-reaction on issues that matter?

Keeping foreign workers ‘out-of-sight’ and ‘out-of-mind’ is not a ‘sustainable’ solution for an inclusive city, so why do we keep kidding ourselves? In 2008, when the Serangoon Gardens housing saga peaked, I was asked, by an Internet TV reporter, if I could propose a ‘sustainable model for a self-contained township’. I was quite perplexed – mostly by the assumption that …

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GRCs and gerrymandering – the root causes of problems: Sylvia Lim

The following is the parliamentary speech by NCMP and Workers’ Party Chairman, Ms Sylvia Lim. Sir, I next move on to the changes of the composition of Parliament. First, entrenching Nominated MPs in the system. The Workers’ Party’s position on NMPs remain the same and I do not intend to repeat what we have said through the years. In summary, …

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