Daily Archives: 2010-04-22

The little that we do

It is not my intention, in this posting, to trumpet what we at The Online Citizen do. This post is simply to let you, our readers, know some of the things which we engage in behind the scenes. At times, we have been questioned and even criticized for not doing enough to help the people we feature in our stories. …

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A philosophical dilemma

Hi Mr Goh Was wondering if you could spare me a few moments of your time to help me with this philosophical phase of my dilemma:- Having gone through two “dry periods” in which I have been unable to find a job (10 months and now the ongoing spell that has lasted 8 already), I just realised that, everytime I …

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Here to provide a listening ear

Introduction When Andrew, Chief Editor of The Online Citizen,  asked me to help out with TOC as a guest counselor for a new column last year, I readily agreed as I feel that Singaporeans, by and large, are besieged by many issues which are often  beyond their control. Many also need a listening ear and support so that they can …

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