Daily Archives: 2010-03-30

Death sentences and executions in 2009

“We do see an end in sight to the death penalty… More people around the world are realising that this is a punishment that is against human dignity, it doesn’t achieve any purpose, and it should be consigned to history the same way as slavery, apartheid, and some of the other things that today we consider are abominations… What we see …

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Singapore in top ten – for the wrong reasons

“Singapore’s extensive trade links and efficient ports have lured opportunistic wildlife smugglers, who use the country as a transit point to ship exotic fauna to customers worldwide, animal welfare activists said. Wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC lists Singapore as among the world’s top 10 wildlife smuggling hubs.” The Jakarta Globe

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CPF – we’ve got it right

“This issue of balance between housing, health and cash is always on the table. And there’s no perfect answer to that. By and large, we got it right so far. The problem is, we need to make it last a lifetime, because that’s what people are saving for.” Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports

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