Kampung Halaman of Indonesia, a non-profit organization to support the increase of youth’s role in community transition through educational programmes using community-based media, involved Bound of Kepulauan Riau-Yogyakarta Students – Ikatan Pelajar Mahasiswa Kepulauan Riau-Yogyakarta (IPMKR-Y) – making a documentary film about Youth life in Kepulauan Riau: Batam, Tanjung Pinang.

This film showcases youths’ experience in two regions and has been a media for them to reflect on their daily experience. The film considers Youth in Kepulauan Riau region having an important role in borderline dynamics, and suggests that the Youth should not be treated as “object” or “victim” of the dynamics, but as having a voice that should be heard. This film collaboration is expected to help the students identify the problems through the process, reconstruct the Youth’s identity, and become the platform from which they can take action to improve their condition.

Screening & Discussion

Screening in various locations helps to spread awareness and helps the knowledge-exchange process. The issue of border in these films is a regional issue between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia that needs to be discussed further among communities in these respective countries. Understanding the problem and gathering opinion from diverse point of views about the case is the aim of this project so that it is possible to struggle for better change action.

9th March 2010 | 4 – 6 pm

Natonal University of Singapore
Shaw Foundation Building
AS7, Seminar Room B, Ground Floor

For more information, please contact Ms Cicilia at [email protected], Mr Ajish at +62-0815 671 7152, or Mr Seelan at +65-813 72959.


About Kampung Halaman (KH)

A non-profit organization that fosters the use of audio visual medium through popular-community based programs, particularly targeting youth in transition area, pursuing the transformation towards a better society.

Kampung Halaman youth members involved in this program are expected to be able to identify the problems they are facing, understand their position as agents of change, and identify “social capital” owned by the community in the area where they live so that they can initiate some action to improve the conditions of their community (kampung halaman).

Kampung Halaman believes that Youth should become the most important member of community in this world that is key to the success of the regeneration process.


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