Monthly Archives: February 2010

Growth at all cost

Let me explain what happens when we make progress. HDB prices go up, private home (prices) go up, all asset prices go up. Everybody finds he owns something more valuable in the house, his shares are worth more and he can live a good life. Of course we have to put up with more crowded trains, more crowded buses, (but) …

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Tiger baby blues

I am worried about this year too. Some Chinese couples prefer not to have children during the Year of the Tiger. In each of the last three Tiger years (1998, 1986 and 1974), the number of births dipped by 7%. It is one thing to encourage ourselves with the traditional attributes of the zodiac animals. But it is another to …

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The stingy nanny

From the Economist: FOND of having the last word, Singapore’s government can nevertheless be flexible. Who would have thought it would be building casinos? But one policy that shows no sign of reversing is Singapore’s antipathy towards public welfare. The state’s attitude can be simply put: being poor here is your own fault. Citizens are obliged to save for the …

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Envoy claims he was framed

“The work of a diplomat… can inconvenience the Singaporean authorities a great deal. This fact, plus my weak health condition compelled me a number of times to ask for my recall from the post.” Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu

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