Daily Archives: 2009-11-16

High taxi fares killing the golden goose

The prevailing uniform tariffs cannot stand up to public scrutiny. People are tired of being coerced into submitting to such unreasonable surcharges and phone booking fees. Hence ridership has steadily declined. It is a case of high fares killing the goose that laid the golden eggs. The Land Transport Authority should realise the current system is not sustainable. Jack Chew, Straits …

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Remember GE2006 – Sylvia Lim’s tenacity

During GE 2006, PM Lee Hsien Loong said, “Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I’m going to spend all my time thinking what’s the right way …

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