Attack on Temasek Review: not Straits Times

The following is an excerpt from the Straits Times Blog

Well, the truth is no warning was needed; but perhaps a little more understanding of the Internet by TR.

For, as at least one TR reader pointed out in the discussion the followed on the site, IP addresses by themselves do not prove anything. In fact IP spoofing is a common tactic used in a DOS attack and with information available readily. TR should have known that SPH is as easy prey as anyone.


Our NIPS vendor’s technical staff member, who checked 7 days worth of data and found no DOS activity originating from SPH concluded: “My opinion of the situation is Temasek Review released the article with very little research into what happened on its server.”

It is an expert opinion; but if opinions don’t count, here are the facts: Contrary to TRs allegations, neither did anyone in SPH try to “grab” TR material in a way that would load its server; nor did any SPH staffer launch any attack on the server.

Read the rest of the write-up at the Straits Times blog.

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