Daily Archives: 2009-11-02

PAP’s Priority for General Election 2010

“Every year, we attract younger Singaporeans through the YP. We give them roles, online doing battle in cyberspace and on the ground organising activities which attract younger people.” “Politics comes first and politics is about people, and then you can have the People’s Action Party formula working” PM Lee Hsien Loong, on youth participation and politics in Singapore at the …

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Lee Hsien Loong speaks at PAP Convention 2009

The annual People’s Action Party Convention was held this year at Downtown East on 1 November 2009. Below is the annual address of the Secretary-General to Party cadres. Click here to download Lee Hsien Loong’s speech transcript.

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PAP MPs disinterested in bread-and-butter issues?

“I want to show you this clip of Low Thia Kiang speaking during the debate on the critical issue of CPF reform in Singapore. I put up this clip not to show the standout performance of MP Low on the issue of CPF reform but the empty seats behind him. I don’t know who those MPs are but they were …

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