Daily Archives: 2009-10-27

World Day against Death Penalty

On 10th Oct 2009, a collective of independent activists held a forum to commemorate the World Day against Death Penalty. Below is the 7-part video series of the forum. The speakers are the human rights lawyer M. Ravi, Alex Au of Yawning Bread, Sinapan Samydorai of Think Centre, Social Worker Agnes Chia and Braema Mathi of Maruah. The forum was …

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Is Singapore = PAP?

Dr Reuben Wong believes that it is a conditional equation. When the economy is performing well, Singapore ≠ PAP. When the economy is performing badly, Singapore = PAP. Dr Frederico Ferrara, who appeared to be very critical of the PAP, said that if you had an alternative view, it’s more useful to be a minority within a dominant party than …

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