Daily Archives: 2009-10-12

Taking care of Singaporeans

It is time to start thinking of another pledge, this time for our Merdeka Generation: We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge to look after our Merdeka Generation by taking care of their needs and wants in a way that they can live their golden years in happiness and look back at the nation they helped to create with joy and …

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Nominated MP Viswa Sadasivan’s maiden speech

This speech was delivered in Parliament on 18 August 2009 NATION BUILDING TENETS: That this House reaffirms its commitment to the nation building tenets as enshrined in the National Pledge when debating national policies, especially economic policies. Preamble 1. Mr Speaker, Sir, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to move this motion. 2. Mr Speaker, Sir, I beg …

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