Political satire by SMU's only student-run theatre group. 10 & 11 October @ Victoria Theatre.

Stageit presents: Animal Farm by Ian Wooldridge

CONSIDERED one of the best novels in the 20th Century, Animal Farm has enthralled generations of readers with its tale of political intrigue and allusions to the Stalinist era before World War II. Nonetheless, what gives Animal Farm its longevity is the cautionary tale against tyranny that resonates with us even until today.

Adopting the acclaimed novel into a theatre production with a sharp Singaporean satirical edge is Stageit, Singapore Management University’s (SMU) only student-led drama and theatre arts group. Established in 2002, Stageit has been involved in annual productions in various theatrical forms, such as Kuo Pao Kun’s Lao Jiu – 9th Born, Li Lien Fung’s The Sword Has Two Edges as well as musicals like Ho Min Fong’s Sing To The Dawn.

Based on the faithful theatre adaptation of the George Orwell novel by Ian Wooldridge, Stageit’s Animal Farm promises to be a multi-layered political play that will leave us thinking.

Synopsis of the play:

Manor Farm, one of the top notch farms in the land, is run by a Man named Jones. Lead by the Pigs – Snowball, Napoleon and Squealer – the Animals throw Jones off the farm, rename it Animal Farm and take over its running on their terms. Their independence is affirmed when, under the heroic leadership of Snowball, they quell Jones’ attempt at reacquiring Animal Farm by force. Not able to see eye to eye, Napoleon ousts Snowball to claim the seat of rule of Animal Farm for itself and its cronies, including its child Minimus.

Meanwhile, the Lower Animals – Boxer, the horse; Clover, its workmate; and Benjamin, the donkey – have to be content with working the farm daily; deprived of milk and enticed only by the occasional slice of red apple; their faith in a better future coaxed by the spiritual prophecies of Moses, the raven.

What does the future hold in store for the Lower Animals – the less privileged, less educated, and less well-born? What is the light of hope for them when absolute power absolutely corrupts?


10 and 11 Oct 2009 (Saturday & Sunday), 8pm, Victoria Theatre

Ticket prices:

Early Bird Special
$26 – Adults
$18 – Students, NSF

(Oct 1st onwards)
$28 – Adults
$20 – Students, NSF

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