S’pore’s political system – Minister takes issue with Sadasivan’s criticism

Singapore’s political system was a point of contention in Parliament on Wednesday. Education Minister, Dr Ng Eng Hen took issue with NMP Viswa Sadasivan’s criticism in the latter’s maiden speech made on Tuesday.

Dr Ng Eng Hen:

Let me be unequivocal about the government’s signals here. We cannot afford to stand still, rooted complacently but precariously in status quo.

We must move with the times, and respond to changing circumstances, needs and challenges. But each time we make a move, we must not do so unthinkingly but consider carefully each step forward, carving our own path towards a better society and a more vigorous economy.

Singapore and Singaporeans cannot afford to ape any model, but must choose or create a solution which is best suited to our nation.

Mr Viswa Sadasivan:

I’m not saying that the government is stuffing ballot boxes or doing things that are unconstitutional.

I was highlighting a lingering perception that I sensed on the ground that politically it’s not a level playing field, and if you don’t address this, there’ll be growing cynicism, especially among our youth, who choose to express their displeasure through angry postings on the Net, which is not useful.


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