"Some of these observations are valid," says SDP.

SDP responds to TOC’s critique

From the Singapore Democratic Party.

We note the critique of Ms Tng Hui Yi and Mr Andrew Loh of the SDP’s National Day Message (watch video here) at The Online Citizen. It is apparent that much thought went into the review and the criticisms were considered ones. We welcome them.

We note that much of the critique dwelled on the substantiveness of the arguments, or the lack of it, rather than on the presentation of the message. Some of these observations are valid and will be taken on board in future presentations.
Unlike a speech delivered live to an audience, however, the attention span of viewers on an Internet video is limited. Our experience has been that a longer video filled with too many statistics and charts will attract less interest among viewers.

Read the full text of the SDP’s response here.

Our response:

The Online Citizen thanks the SDP for taking the time to write a response to our critique. We would also like to express our appreciation that the party took the critique in the spirit that it was meant and for the graciousness in its response.

We take this opportunity to wish the SDP every success in its endeavours and in the next general elections.