P65 blogger reveals he is Young PAP member

A week ago, reports in the mainstream media about the newly-revamped and newly-staffed P65 blog said that “none of the [the writers] are affiliated to the Young PAP”.  However, it now surfaces that one of the writers on the blog is indeed a Young PAP member

And he revealed it himself in a blog post titled, “I’m coming out”.

On 11 August, in the report on the 93.8FM website, one of the editors of the P65 blog site, Mr Tang Ho Wan, was reported to have said that none of the eight new writers on the blog was affiliated to the Young PAP. He was also reported by the Today newspaper as having said the same.

Here’s the screenshot from 938’s website:

On 16 August, however, on the P65 blog itself, one of its new writers, Mr Vikram Nair, revealed that he is a member of the Young PAP. In a post titled, “I’m coming out”, Mr Nair said: “For the record, I am a member of the Young PAP.  However, all the views I share here are my own.”

Here’s a screenshot of Mr Nair’s post on the P65 blog:

On August 12, Young PAP Chairman, Mr Teo Ser Luck, was reported by the Straits Times as having said:

“We have our own Young PAP website for the politically inclined… The p65 blog is to allow other young people to share their views, which are non-partisan, neutral and can be constructive criticism of policies.”

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